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People are talking about us

And we love them for it!

Nora Mapes

Nora lives in Seattle and recently spent a week at Septien.

"Nora loved it! Shannon was (...)

Ani Hesse

The Septien Group Rapid Fire Week.

This was an intensive by all measures. We had taken our (...)

Lexie Germany

Lexie LOVED the Teen Musician Camp and we were so impressed by everything you all packed into (...)

Melissa Reiman

"We are thrilled with Joli's amazing new website that the Septien marketing team helped us (...)

Angela Crates

"We were extremely impressed and grateful for the excellent quality of work provided during (...)

Lucas Laffineur

"Skype Lessons With Septien Have Changed My Life!" (...)

Trevor D (Americal Idol Finalist)

“I think the main thing is a lot of practice and a lot of lessons...I learned a lot about (...)

Peter C (Senior Talent Producer At American Idol)

Linda is successful because her techniques focus on stage presence, songwriting, recording (...)

Dallas W

Linda and her program was a great stepping stone for my music life. She took the time to (...)

Nithya N

We have been with Septien for a year and what a wonderful journey it has been so far!!It has (...)

Michelle P.

Septien is home and everyone is family. It is truly a loving, supportive, encouraging, (...)

Barbara S.

Our daughter Shelby Schneider has grown immensely and her passion for singing, dancing and (...)

Jason Y.

Supportive, talented, committed, & patient staff has transformed DesireeSierra.

Cathy E.

Carlo Decanini has a way of relating to his students that many teachers lack. He is able to (...)