//Master Red Carpet 2016 4/3
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This years Master Red Carpet Event will be held at Sambuca Uptown in Dallas!

Tickets for the event can be purchased Here!

And our Silent Auction can be found at Here!

Venue: Sambuca Uptown

Address: 2120 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

Ticket Cost: $39.95 (or $35 Apiece if you buy 4+)

Age Requirements: All ages

Call Time:

Doors Open:

Show Starts: 2:00pm

Artists Performing

  • Campbell Crates
  • Logan Mac
  • Zach Herron
  • Collin Selman
  • Isha Chiplonkar
  • Mackenzie Haubner
  • Alora Whitten
  • Ariana Braddom
  • Averie Kadane
  • Jaxson Mueller
  • Alex Belland
  • Julia Holt
  • Kati Wands
  • Nicolas Suarez
  • Paniz Farokhnia
  • Denton Latham

VENUE NOTES: This venue has a green room behind the stage, some table seating and serves food and drinks. Please allow an appropriate amount of time to park and pay the meter to arrive by call time!