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Ready to amp up your music journey? Before we dive into your free consultation, let's make sure you're all set! We're thrilled to explore how we can elevate your talents in voice, instruments, songwriting, stage presence, recording, and music marketing!

Choose a time and we will be ready to answer any questions whether it is to take a tour of our amazing studios in Dallas or to train online!

For 25 years

SEG has been training top tier talent since 1986! SEG is an artist development group for emerging artists who desire the music industry as a lifetime career.

With over 30 years of service and more than 16,000 clients from all over the world, SEG is recognized for an outstanding history of launching chart-topping artists with Universal, Sony, Warner Bros. and many independent labels. SEG Alumni include Demi Lovato, Leon Bridges, Zach Herron of Why Don’t We, Selena Gomez, Kidz Bop, Jessica Simpson and Kacey Musgraves… to name just 7 out of the 70 artists performing today!

Imagine walking the same halls as...

Demi Lovato

Jessica Simpson

Selena Gomez

Kacey Musgraves

Leon Bridges


Skylar Stecker

Kiana Lede

Ryan Cabrera

Are you ready to put skin on your music dreams?

SEG is rocking the heart of Dallas, Texas, and making waves across the globe with our cutting-edge online workshops, virtual training sessions, and exclusive one-on-one meetups right here in Dallas!

We meticulously curate a dream team of coaches tailored perfectly to each client's genre, ensuring a personalized path to stardom. Dive into the future of artist development with SEG, where every session is a step closer to your spotlight moment!

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SEG trains beginners to advanced performers in private or semi private sessions depending on your budget needs. Our training program is structured into five distinct modules, each meticulously designed to accelerate the branding of your career far more efficiently than traditional educational institutions, schools, or studios.


Vocal Sessions


Instrument Sessions




Stage Mastery


Marketing Strategies

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We don't just nurture talent; we ignite it. Our premier artist development programs are designed to mold you into not just an artist, but a phenomenon.

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